Christine LaCroix

Kathy, I have not been on to follow your site in awhile! Just love your pictures, your fun, your family and you! You are all so beautiful and so blessed!!! Makes me smile everytime I see your blog! : ) Thank you for the beautiful Christmas Card. I am so happy for you all and pray you have a very Wonderful New Year! So happy for Bea and all her accomplishments, she is precious and so beautiful! Claire is so adorable!!! Well that is all, just wanted to say Hi cuz!


Glad I was able to see you for a moment Kathy. Looks like everyone is settling into their new lives really well. What fun you had w/lots of cousins & family. As always, love your photos.

As far as the chair goes, I love it so much that I wanted someone to have it that would like it as much. If you ever find you don't want it I will take it back, but my house is just sooooo small, something had to give. Glad you are as attached to it as I was/am. Got it from a good friend & think it is quite old. Wishing you a very happy New Year!

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