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Why is my blog called laowai?

Well, back in the fall of 2006 we thought we were going to move to China. I wanted a clever name for my blog that was going to be a way for me to stay in touch with family while I was so far away. Brian (my husband) came up with laowai - it means foreigner in Chinese.

Long story short... we never moved but I can't think of a better name for my blog.

Now I'm a wife and mom living near Zurich. My blog is still a way for me to stay in touch with my family and let them feel closer to my daughters. I love to look back through my blog and see all the adventures my family has had in Switzerland. I also like to sometimes show off things that I buy or like or make.

Update - Summer 2013
We're back to the USA now, living north of Chicago. We like many things about being back in the US but we also miss Switzerland terribly.

Update - Summer 2017
We're back living in Switzerland. Our second tour of duty. We still have our house back in the US. We like many things about living in Switzerland but we also miss the US terribly. Ha.