Aunt Sandy

So true Kathy..The husband is sooo handsome the girls are amazing and beautiful and the have the best wife mother sister daughter in law aunt and best friend ever..Love Claire’s Dress.love you guys ❤️

Aunt Sandy

PS. Bea is so happy with the dog..love all the smiles she has been giving ❤️

Donna Phillips

I care!! I know so much about the girls and your family life and that makes me happy. Way back right before Paul was born Greg had the chance to move for work to California. Born and raised in Michigan, I wanted to stay a mid-western girl and not have surfer kids! I often wonder how we would have turned out if I'd been brave like you and took up the challenge of a "big" move. I sincerely hope I'd done as well as you, Kathy...you're my hero!

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